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Let's give you an idea of what you can eat......

To start ,
Handmade cold meats from Chianti, of pork and wild boar, crouton with VinSanto (sweet wine), from Carabaccia and dried salt code with spicy herrings.

Bread and Wine

The Inn's egg Pasta, made at the ancient manner, is converted in our kitchen to Taglierini, Pappardelle, Tortelli Mugellani and other extraordinary specialities. Very particular is the baked Lasagne with rabbit sauce served in an earthware pot and the Gnocchi "straw and hay" with mince sauce of Artusi. Dressings are genuine and really tasty: sauce of wild boar, of duck, and according to seasons, game meats and cep mushrooms. For them who don't love meat and want to vary, dishes with vegetables are always avalaible, such as the pumpkin or artichoke risotto and our delicious soupes, Ribollita, Tomato Pappa, Spelt Soup.

T-Bone Steak

Meats are a triumph of flavour,

Our meats, such as the Bistecca alla Fiorentina (T-bone steak), are all first rate and from local production. Pork steaks and baked pork are served with spectacular "greedy" potatoes or beans with tomato sauce, while are available herbs or sweet peas cooked at the florentine way. If you don't want meat, vegetables soufflè and cakes are never missing, just like the tasty dried salt cod with sweet leeks.

The greedy homemade specialities spread from Zuccottino to Latte alla Portoghese, from chocolate pies to fuit pies and many other "sweeties" created to please the end of your meal.

Chianti wine


An accurate selection of wine labels accompanies our dishes, strictly choosen within the wine farmes located in the Florence and Siena provinces and that we believe can best interpret the tuscan culture in the wine production. From the red wines of Chianti area to the "Nobile" of Montepulciano, so to reach the Brunello and the Chianti Grand Reserve. Even white wines, from the same areas, represent a beautiful accompaniment, expecially of the many dishes based on vegetables and cheese served along with jams of our production.